The BuildMart Difference

We’re not only the materials supplier, but also we focus more in the total solution and consulting service. With the mind that: time is money. That's why we provide a portfolio of value-added services designed to make your jobs easier and free up their time and resources so you can devote more of their energy to building their businesses.

“Make it Easy” promise is our commitment to on-time deliveries, quality control, total customer satisfaction and safety & compliance.  Every years we deliver on these promises with over 80 countries. We keep our customers because we keep our promises.

With 20 years of experience in production & marketing, we know that in order to be a successful supplier of building materials, we must inventory a diverse line of products that are always in demand. That is why we keep an ample supply of specialty and expand the materials production lines all the time.

We inventory a vast line of asphat shingle, metal roof tile, rain gutter system, gypsum wallboard and finishing items, framing and structural metals, fiberglass and foam insulations, cement boards, acoustical ceiling fans, plaster products, vinyl trims, spc floor, waterproof membrane, several lines of fastening products, finishing and power tools, landscaping products and so much more.

Our reputation for building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and vendors has been our focus when it comes to our continued growth. Providing quality products and services ensures that our customers are always getting what they expect when consult our team, the leader and preferred building materials supplier in the marketplace.

BuildMart has made safety a top priority. We are committed to preventing accidents, training employees, adhering to safety protocols and completing the job safely. Our safety commitment is driven toward achieving one goal – to make it easier for you to get the job done.

We’re committed to making your job safer and easier. It is an integral part of our philosophy.

We believe that all accidents are preventable and that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Associates are trained to perform jobs safely, efficiently and effectively.
  • Safety goes well beyond basic compliance.
  • Encouraging excellence in safety stimulates performance improvements.
  • No job is completed successfully unless it is completed safely.

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